Glenn S. Daily is one of the few fee-only life insurance advisors in the U.S. He provides consulting services to individuals, businesses, trustees and other professionals. Compensation is strictly on a fee basis. No commissions or other payments are received from agents or insurance companies for clients’ purchases.

Glenn is the author of The Individual Investor’s Guide to Low-Load Insurance Products (1990), Life Insurance Sense and Nonsense (1992), the life insurance and annuity chapters in The Encyclopedia of Investments, and many articles in the AAII Journal, the Journal of Financial Planning, NAPFA Advisor and other publications. In 1994, Life Insurance Sense and Nonsense was nominated for the prestigious Elizur Wright book award by the American Risk and Insurance Association, the nation’s largest organization of insurance professors.

Glenn is a regular resource for financial journalists, and he is on the panel of experts of Bottom Line Personal. He has been a speaker at professional meetings of financial planners, accountants, attorneys and actuaries, and he has appeared on CNNfn and CBS MarketWatch.

Before starting his own firm, Glenn was a financial analyst at General Electric, a fee-only financial planner at Enright Financial Advisors and an insurance analyst at Seidman Financial Services.

Glenn is a Certified Financial Planner™ certificant, a Chartered Financial Consultant, a Chartered Life Underwriter, a New York-licensed Life Insurance Consultant, and a graduate of Princeton University.

Glenn is also a principal at Sutter's Mill Valuation Services, which is engaged in the evaluation of long-term care funding solutions, life settlements, actuarial consulting, and product development.

With his actuary partner Douglas J. Bennett, Glenn is the co-founder of, a resource for helping people make decisions about long-term care insurance and life settlements.

Glenn runs, a project to improve current practices.

If you're looking for something to talk about, Glenn is always eager to discuss these questions: How can curated product platforms become a practical alternative to the retail life insurance market? What is the best process for selling a life insurance policy in the life settlement market? What are the best ways to pay for long-term care expenses?